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The BAYERISCHER LLOYD SCHIFFFAHRTS AG –formerly Euro Bevrachting Germany – is now one of the leading providers of inland waterway transport from the Rhine via the Main and Rhine-Main-Danube Canal to the Danube or vice versa. The traffic management of the fleet is controlled from Regensburg, in close coordination with Rotterdam, according to the requirements of the customers.

The backbone of BAYERISCHER LLOYD SCHIFFFAHRTS AG is formed by the company’s own inland waterway vessels supported by self-propelled motor vessels belonging to the partners. In addition to Regensburg, the fleet is dispatched at the offices in Rotterdam, Budapest and Bucharest, among others, in the respective national languages.

Powerful transport company in inland shipping

Supplier to industry, trade and agriculture

The BAYERISCHER LLOYD SCHIFFFAHRTS AG  has for many years both supplier to the international industry, as well as service provider of global trade and agriculture. Globally operating logistics companies are also looked after by means of combined transport via the international transport routes. The Bavarian section of the Danube with the ports of Regensburg, Straubing and Passau serves as an ideal trimodal interface

Project shipments and special transports

In the area of special transportsBAYERISCHER LLOYD SCHIFFFAHRTS AG has  decades of know-how. The project shipments take place from and to the seaports of the ARA range as well as to Constanta on the Black Sea. In close cooperation with internationally operating project forwarders, we develop tailor-made transport solutions. In these cooperations, project shipments worldwide to China, South Africa, the USA and the Near and Far East were delivered to the fullest satisfaction “just in time”.

Extensive range of transport

Bulk and bulk goods

The transport of goods, especially bulk goods, on Europe’s waterways is the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly mode of transport. The increasingly necessary shift of national, European and international freight flows to inland waterways is significant.

Die BAYERISCHER LLOYD SCHIFFFAHRTS AG therefore promoted a rich and diverse range of products in bulk cargo:

Agricultural Products:

Soy, corn, rapeseed, barley, wheat, brewing malt, sunflower seeds and much more.

Mining products:

Coal, iron ore and steel products and much more.

International project forwarding

BAYERISCHER LLOYD SCHIFFFAHRTS AG has many years of experience not only in the transport of bulk and piece goods, but also in international project  forwarding .

Complete systems, such as B. port equipment, power plants, reactors, transformers, beverage filling stations, cement factories, wind turbines, sea desalination plants and large containers of all kinds are just a few examples of comprehensive transport services.

Unit weights of 1000 tons or more are no problem for our fleet. Technical solutions for these special transports ensure safe and precise loading processes.

Cargo optimisation, seaworthy packing and stowage, transit time monitoring, customs clearance and transport insurance are part of the range of services offered by BAYERISCHER LLOYD SCHIFFFAHRTS AG.

Container and heavy transport

Partner for container transport

BAYERISCHER LLOYD SCHIFFFAHRTS AG’s range of forwarding  services  includes container transport. In conjunction with the combined transports, containers are transported from terminals across Europe. The high flexibility and reliability of the container freighting by ship, road and rail offer particular advantages. Containers as flexible, transport-safe and standardized transport units are indispensable for the worldwide transport of goods.

Handling, packing, storage and warehousing, inspection and repair are part of the range of services offered by the BAYERISCHER LLOYDGroup.

Extensive know-how

Extensive know-how and experience are essential to carry out these transports. Route inquiries from the production site to the recipient, obtaining all permits, load-bearing capacity calculations for bridge structures, deployment planning for the loading facilities, handling cranes and special vehicles. The coordination of the shipping dates for overseas shipments is essential and is guaranteed by  BAYERISCHER LLOYD SCHIFFFAHRTS AG.

For the heavy lift ships, 1000 tons and more are no problem. The waterway offers unbeatable prospects, especially for this type of transport

BAYERISCHER LLOYD SCHIFFFAHRTS AG has, among other things, shipping units that are specially designed for project shipping. Qualified employees plan, organize and monitor the execution of the transport.

Good To Know

Ship Freighting


Under the flag of  BAYERISCHER LLOYD SCHIFFFAHRTS AG  , all of the Group’s own ships and the particular room at the office are loaded. Environmental friendliness, safety and, ultimately, a high degree of effectiveness will make inland waterway transport an efficient and important mode of transport in the future too.

Port logistics - warehousing

Handling and logistics

The transshipment operation of BAYERISCHER LLOYD Hafen- & Lagerlogistik GmbH in the Straubing-Sand port with a total of over 26,000 m² of open and covered storage areas offers, for example, a direct connection to the inland waterway and enables product-specific storage technology to be carried out quickly and efficiently. The company’s own warehouses and spacious outdoor storage areas form the solid basis for individually designed transport logistics.

Versatile product range and special transports

Range of products in the bulk sector.

AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS: soy, maize, rapeseed, barley, wheat, brewing malt and sunflower seeds etc.
PROJECT CARGO: transformers, wind turbines, structural
parts , reactors etc.
MINING PRODUCTS: coal, iron ore and steel products etc.

Combined transport


The BAYERISCHER LLOYD Group uses combined transports to manage global transport routes and their onward and re-shipment on trucks, trains, ocean-going vessels and airplanes. The Bavarian section of the Danube with the ports of Regensburg, Straubing and Passau serves as an ideal trimodal interface.

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