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Port logistics Straubing

High-performance, trimodal transshipment and storage facility for bulk, general and special cargoes

Your partner for port logistics in Straubing

BAYERISCHER LLOYD Hafen- & Lagerlogistik GmbH maintains high-performance, trimodal transshipment and storage facilities for bulk, general and special cargo at the strategically important Straubing hub. Spacious terminals are available for the transfer and distribution of goods. Function-specific work equipment, modern cranes, loading bridges, floor conveyor systems and packaging equipment are used.

BAYERISCHER LLOYD Group competently handles complex transport and loading operations. Systematic planning with regard to the requirements of the wide range of products in the transport sector is ensured by qualified employees and modern technology.

Port handling of bulk and heavy cargo

The BAYERISCHER LLOYD Group offers a future-proof alternative to the familiar road transport structures throughout Europe. The expertise and experience around the topic of port logistics make BAYERISCHER LLOYD Hafen- & Lagerlogistik GmbH a key player in transport logistics. The trimodal connection to efficient port handling and storage facilities enables the fast and reliable handling of transport orders.

BAYERISCHER LLOYD Hafen- & Lagerlogistik GmbH has the know-how and experience to offer a comprehensive range of services.

Especially in the field of port handling of bulk, heavy cargo and roll-on roll-off, port logistics is a real competitor to other road- or rail-based modes. In a short time, we load a wide variety of goods onto spacious ships or, if necessary, store them temporarily before transporting them to their destination..

Hafenlogistik Straubing

Modern port facilities


Modern port facilities and efficient warehouse logistics are the basis for the efficient handling of goods, organized down to the last detail. Essential for the acceptance and distribution of goods, spacious terminals and sophisticated port logistics are available.

Bulk material and heavy load


Unit weights of 1000 tons or more are no problem for heavy lift vessels. The modern equipment of the special ships guarantees precise and safe loading. Bulk transports such as agricultural and mining products are part of the everyday business of BAYERISCHER LLOYD Hafen- & Lagerlogistik GmbH.

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