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Intermodal Transport


Leverage specific strengths

Combined transport (CT), also called intermodal or multimodal transport, is a multi-link transport chain that combines the different types of freight transport. The BAYERISCHER LLOYD Group transports the majority of its goods by ship (main leg), while collection from the producer/trader (pre-carriage) and delivery to the consignee (on-carriage) are carried out by road.

Main run

The environmentally friendly shift from road to inland waterways bypasses congested roads, offers a high level of transport safety and guarantees a high degree of adherence to schedules. The BAYERISCHER LLOYD Group arranges and combines the various modes of transport into a complex transport plan. The central control and optimization of transport and storage times reduces costs and transit times. Everyday traffic jams on European highways, tolls and driving bans on Sundays and public holidays are bypassed and safety risks due to traffic accidents are minimized.

The BAYERISCHER LLOYD Group organizes, optimizes and accompanies the transport chain from A as in departure to Z as in delivery.

Economical. Traffic-safe. Environmentally friendly.

Pre-carriage and on-carriage

The small-scale distribution of the goods is done by the truck transport. The trucks transport the goods to the terminals where the cargo is transferred to the ship. After transfer on the water, trucks take the shipment to its destination.

Promotion by the federal government (Germany)

Due to the environmentally friendly transport by ship and rail, combined transports in Germany benefit from various facilitations. For example, trucks used for pre- and on-carriage may have a total weight of 44 tons (trucks used exclusively for road transport, on the other hand, may not exceed a total weight of 40 tons). Exemptions from Sunday and public holiday bans also shorten transport times.

The BAYERISCHER LLOYD Group serves all modes of multimodal transport: inland waterway and sea, rail, road and air!

Multimodal transports – competence of BAYERISCHER LLOYD


At the terminals of the European ports – the interfaces of the combined transports – the goods are loaded from a means of transport, mostly truck or rail, onto the transport ship in order to be shipped again by road at the place of unloading, another terminal. There, the goods are transported by road to their destination.

Cost savings

The combination of the various means of transport efficiently and economically enables the reduction of overall costs. Energy consumption is reduced by up to two thirds – compared to pure road transport. Multimodal transports also benefit from various services made available by the government.rden.

On schedule transportation

Regardless of daily traffic jams and accidents on the roads, the transport of freight in the main run on the ships of the BAYERISCHER LLOYD Group is punctual and safe. Intelligent combination of the various means of transport significantly shortens the transit times of the goods.


The multimodal transports of the BAYERISCHER LLOYD Group relieve the roads. The high absorption capacity and the ability to combine goods in inland shipping reduces pollutant emissions and contributes to environmental friendliness in addition to economic efficiency.

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