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The BAYERISCHER LLOYD Group is your partner for all logistical tasks and transports in European inland shipping. It integrates inland shipping, shipping , forwarding, charteringport- and warehouse logistics , ship freighting, transportation by ship, combined traffic and transport services .

Comprehensive transport service in the exchange of goods to and from all continents, information and advice – these are the tasks in the transport market of today and tomorrow.

In order to ensure technical reliability and profitability, in-depth specialist knowledge is required. With over 100 years of experience in the name, the BAYERISCHER LLOYD Group can also provide this know-how for all future projects.

Regensburg, Hafen



The BAYERISCHER LLOYD Group, headquartered in Regensburg, is one of the leading shipping companies in alternating traffic from the Danube to Western Europe with a comprehensive range of forwarding services. The  BAYERISCHER LLOYD Group has modern motor cargo ships, push and coupling convoys that transport loads of all kinds in dry and container transport. Customized door-to-door transport concepts are offered for combined transport . The fair treatment of customers, partners and its employees is the basis of the traditional BAYERISCHER LLOYD Group.

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On the inland waterways from the ARA ports to the Black Sea, the BAYERISCHER LLOYD Group operates around the clock, 365 days a year, on approx. 3800 km. Having regard to its own fleet and the access to the European Partikulierraum freighted the BAYERISCHER LLOYD Schifffahrts AG a rich and very diverse range of products . From extensive project loads, such as: wind turbines, bridge and building constructions to agricultural and mining products, we are a reliable partner for the trade, construction and industrial trades in inland shipping.

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The  BAYERISCHER LLOYD Group has high-performance handling and storage facilities for bulk, piece goods and special goods at important locations . Spacious terminals are available for receiving and distributing goods. Modern and function-specific work equipment, cranes, loading bridges and floor conveyor systems form the basis for the smooth and efficient handling of goods. Complete support for the entire logistics process is just as much part of the range of services as warehousing.

Bayerischer Lloyd - Kombinierte Verkehre

Combined transport


The smooth combination of different transport routes , from water to road, rail and air transport, is part of the day-to-day business of the BAYERISCHER LLOYD Group. In addition to their own vehicles, numerous reliable contractual partners form the basis of the transport concept. The strengths of ships, trains, trucks and airplanes are used sensibly and economically in the interests of the shippers and the environment. The implementation of a transport order thus achieves a high degree of effectiveness. These partnerships make it possible to process unit weights of up to and over 1,000 t to North and South America, China, Africa, the Near and Far East.

Bayerischer Lloyd - Verladungen

Supply chain management


Building on many years of shipping activity , the  BAYERISCHER LLOYD Group is an international shipping company. In the comprehensive range of forwarding agents, it uses the service options of all modes of transport by land, water and air. Sophisticated storage concepts and distribution logistics, warehousing with supply chain solutions are part of the overall solution in supply chain management. Digitally supported, coordinated planning, disposition and deadline monitoring from a single source ensures an optimal process in route management. This enables a high adherence to deadlines towards the customers of the BAYERISCHER LLOYD Group.

Your full service


We offer complete transport solutions that are tailor-made exclusively by our own experts, including technical, commercial, crew and operational management.



With our fleet of container ships and bulk carriers, we are one of the leading providers of swap traffic between the Rhine and Danube.



The BAYERISCHER LLOYD AG was founded 1913th Today the name stands for competence, experience, quality and reliability. The BAYERISCHER LLOYD Group meets all the requirements of modern transport companies.



From our management teams on land to our crews on board, our employees are professionals trained to the highest and strictest standards in the industry.

Corporate Profile

For more than 100 years, the name BAYERISCHER LLOYD has stood for experience and competence in inland shipping and for modern transport services. It combines inland shipping, shipping company, freight forwarding, logistics, ship freighting, combined traffic and transport services under one roof. The BAYERISCHER LLOYD  Group offers optimized transport solutions with transport capacities specially tailored to the needs of retailers .



The focus is on the customer. Direct, open and fair dealings with business partners and employees have top priority. The satisfaction of the customer determines the future of the BAYERISCHER LLOYD Group and guarantees the long-term success of the traditional company.




The team of the  BAYERISCHER LLOYD Group looks forward to working with its customers to develop the best transport solution for their needs. The group of companies offers comprehensive, intermodal solutions in the pre- and post-carriage.




In times of climate change, topics such as environmental protection and ecologically sustainable transport services are more than ever in the focus of the transport industry. The  BAYERISCHER LLOYD  Group stands for the safe transport of goods with the lowest negative, external effects and the lowest energy costs.




The combination of tradition and modern management within the BAYERISCHER LLOYD  Group forms a trustworthy service company. The competent and highly motivated team guarantees an optimal framework and efficient commercial management.


Bayerischer Lloyd_Umwelt

Environmentally conscious

“With our enthusiasm for inland shipping as an energy- and environmentally friendly mode of transport, we are also moving more and more into the focus of the public when sustainability is also asked.”

Hans Frank

Bayerischer Lloyd_Umwelt

Environmentally friendly

“With our enthusiasm for inland shipping as an energy- and environmentally friendly mode of transport, we are also moving more and more into the focus of the public when sustainability is also asked.”

Hans Frank

Logo Bayerischer Lloyd Schifffahrts AG

Committed to tradition

For more than 100 years, the name  BAYERISCHER LLOYD,  with its experience in inland shipping on the Danube, Rhine and Main, has been one of the top addresses in Europe’s inland shipping.

In  Wikipedia the following can be read about  BAYERISCHER LLOYD  AG :

“After the southern German Donau-Schifffahrts-Gesellschaft passed into Austrian ownership in 1911, the establishment of Bayerischer Lloyd corresponded to the wish to operate a national shipping company on the Danube again. From 1927 it operated in a joint venture with the First Danube Steamship Company. In 1978 Rhenus-WTAG took over the majority of the shares; significant shares are still held by the federal government and the Free State of Bavaria. [1] The main business of the shipping company with subsidiaries in Hungary, Cyprus, Turkey and Egypt is transport shipping on the Danube and truck traffic. Bayerischer Lloyd also operates storage services and recyclable materials.
Bayerische Lloyd AG stands for the largest shipping group on the Bavarian Danube and one of the market leaders in exchange traffic from the Danube to the Rhine.
Branches and affiliated companies in the Netherlands, Hungary, Serbia and Romania accompany the transports along the waterways in the respective national languages ​​and customer-specific needs.


More than 1.5 million tons of goods annually find their way  to their destination via the  BAYERISCHER LLOYD Group. Transport services, storage concepts, combined transports and supply chain solutions are key tasks in the modern transport management of the  BAYERISCHER LLOYD Group.

For the next few years, the  BAYERISCHER LLOYD Group is increasingly focusing on converting its fleet to environmentally friendly forms of propulsion. The acquisition of new buildings and conversions with alternative drive systems is one of the challenges that the  BAYERISCHER LLOYD Group is already facing today.




The name BAYERISCHER LLOYD stands for over 100 years of shipping tradition on the Danube.


  • 1913  – Foundation by Reichsherold Dr. jur. Ludwig Carl Friedrich Ritter von Donle as a state-owned Bavarian shipping company
  • 1914 – King Ludwig III grants a shipping license on the Danube
  • 1918  – During World War I, around 70% of the fleet is destroyed
  • 1920 – The “BAYERISCHER LLOYD” acquires the shipping rights for the entire lower Danube. The reconstruction and expansion of the ship fleet is carried out according to the latest technical standards in the Ruthof, Übigau, Cäsar Wollheim shipyards and the company’s own shipyard in Deggendorf.
  • 1921 – After the fleet was rebuilt, all land facilities were expanded. Among other things, 2 warehouses, an office building, a residential building for individual company apartments and in Passau a warehouse with a modern grain silo with a capacity of 4,000 tons were built in Regensburg. Logistic systems were also set up at strategic hubs in Austria and Hungary.
  • 1930 – The “BAYERISCHER LLOYD” builds the first push boat on the Danube and the German waterways, which was baptized with the name “Uhu”.
  • 1945  – 158 ship units are destroyed during World War II. 98 ships are badly damaged and no longer operational. Of the previously existing 296 units, only 40 were still functional. All facilities and assets in the Danube riparian states were destroyed or confiscated.
  • 1949 – Resumption of goods traffic between Regensburg and Linz, which had been idle since the end of the war
  • 1963 – The fleet could be rebuilt to a total of 114 ship units.
  • 1968 – Accession to the Bratislava Agreement.
  • 1970 – Gradual expansion and modernization of the ship fleet at the beginning of the 1970s
  • 1974 – MGS Hanseat is christened ship by Federal Finance Minister Helmut Schmidt (later Federal Chancellor) and his wife in Regensburg.
  • 1978 – RHENUS-WTAG AG takes over the majority of shares from the Free State of Bavaria and the Federal Republic of Germany.
  • 1980s – Development of RoRo traffic on the Danube together with the large Bulgarian logistics company SO-MAT
  • 1990s – opening of the borders to the east and the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal. Foundation of numerous joint ventures in Germany and abroad (BG, HU, RO, UKR etc.) 
  • 2008 – Reorganization of “BAYERISCHER LLOYD” as a medium-sized family company and co-partner of the Euro Bevrachting Germany Group
  • 2013 – 100th anniversary of the “BAYERISCHER LLOYD” as a traditional name in inland shipping.
  • 2017 – Commissioning of the trimodal logistics facility in the Straubing-Sand port. The “BAYERISCHER LLOYD” takes over the majority share of the Euro Bevrachting Germany Group.
  • 2020 – 80% of the fleet is equipped with main engines according to the current environmental standard.
  • 2021 – The “BAYERISCHER LLOYD” is the sole shareholder of the Euro Bevrachting Germany Group. From now on, all subsidiaries of the logistics group will operate under the name “BAYERISCHER LLOYD”.
  • 05.07.2021 Hans Frank, owner and managing director for many years, dies at the age of 70.
    Through his entrepreneurial vision, Hans Frank recognized the potential of the “BAYERISCHER LLOYD” and formed the traditional company into a modern service provider in inland shipping.
Bayerischer Lloyd-Aktie
Bayerischer Lloyd-Aktie

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